Thursday, March 15, 2007

Kari Byron

"Mythbusters" maven

Crush factor: 8.375 out of 10

Do I really need to explain this crush? I didn't think so. She gets points off for stealing my thunder. Otherwise she'd get a 9.99999999.

Photo credit: FHM


Avitable said...

She's the former intern, right? I always thought she was cute, but I don't like this picture of her. Makes her look like Peg Bundy.

Poppy Cede said...

!!!! That's evil, I didn't even think of Peg. I looked for other hot photos of Kari but this is the one I like best so it's staying. :P

She is listed as a "builder". She was an intern in season 1, as were Grant and Tory. Now they basically do myths from start to finish, but consult with Jamie and Adam on them, so I don't consider them interns. There is one mythtern named Jess on the show.

Gecko Rock said...

So beautiful. So unattainable. I'll add her to my "List of Five".

Mike said...

I have and always had a crush on Christa Miller from the Drew Carey Show