Friday, March 2, 2007

Emma Watson ; Daniel Radcliffe

Female star of the Harry Potter movies

Avi's crush factor: 10 out of 10

She is beautiful and this dress helps the cause.

Male star of the Harry Potter movies and EQUUS

Poppy's crush factor: 9 out of 10

A point off because it's creepy to crush on a boy, but he is yummy.

Today's post includes Avi's crush out of appreciation for something he has done for me, to be revealed in the next few weeks on my blog. I think it's fair to allow others' crushes on this blog, so if you really need/want me to consider posting your crush let me know.

Photo credit: Emma -, Daniel - EQUUS


Avitable said...

I feel so dirty . . . yet so happy.

Mel said...

Yummy for Harry Potter! :)

And today, I'm SO crushing Ryan Gosling. Totally shouldn't have watched that Notebook kiss clip so early this morning... mmm.