Sunday, June 17, 2007

Kate Beckinsale

Absolutely stunning when she's just walking around the planet, but her badassery in the film Van Helsing puts her over the top.

I'm giving credit to Joefish for this crush, even though he doesn't read the blog.

Photo found at: Gone Hollywood
Photo credit: ?


Joefish said...

You're assuming I don't read this blog. Ok, you're right, but Technorati sees all.

No fill-in-the-blank commenting? You hate me!

Poppy Cede said...

I made you stop playing your stupid computer game long enough to come comment on blogs!!! *happy dance* Hope you left Heather a comment too. (And don't give me any excuses about how you were at the movies with Miles, ya big faker. ;)

sourpuss said...

OH YEAH. Kate's hot. And funny. I've seen her on Leno a few times. I liked her in Van Helsing but moreso in Underworld.